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UMAHS Teacher Named Head Teacher At Albert H. Small Normandy Institute

Congratulations to HS teacher, Maria Savini & HS junior, Jack Larkin. Savini has been named a Head Teacher for the 2021 Albert H. Small Normandy Institute. The position will cover the next two summers and Jack Larkin has been selected to be our student representative for the experience this year.
The conference is scheduled to begin in Washington, DC on June 19th and then continue in France for five days. The Albert H. Small Normandy Institute invites 15 teacher/student teams from around the nation to learn more about the D-Day Campaign, with the intended goal of reminding participants that "freedom is not free."  In the process, students will study the history of World War II and research a local hero who died during the campaign and is buried at the American Cemetery in Normandy. During the five days at George Washington University, the participants will attend lectures conducted by various World War II scholars and tour a number of monuments/exhibitions in the D.C. area. In Normandy, they will visit important landmarks associated with Operation Overlord. The experience will culminate with a visit to the Normandy Cemetery where students will participate in a wreath laying ceremony and eulogize their soldier at their grave.
Congratulations to Maria and Jack!