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HS French Students Head North of the Border

Forty-nine Upper Merion Area High School French students spent the Presidents Day weekend practicing their
French skills while partaking in traditional cultural activities such as dog sledding,
making maple butter, and snowshooing. Students headed to Quebec City via bus to
celebrate the Winter Carnaval. Activities were a mix of history, winter sports and
cultural experiences, with plenty of French spoken, of course!

Students of all levels of French proficiency took advantage of the opportunity to use
what they had learned in the classroom by speaking French with native
Francophones every day of the trip. Many were pleasantly surprised by how well
they were prepared for the experience or by how much they improved in such a
short period of time. Junior Isabella Montalvo said, “I feel that I got a lot better at
thinking on my feet and knowing how to reply to people without thinking about it.”
Sophomore Lizzy Estock agreed, “I think my knowledge of French improved because
by going on the trip it changed my mindset to where I can visualize speaking French
outside of a classroom.”

Students also widened their horizons. For many, it was their first time leaving the
country. Senior Aaliyah Parson commented, “While on the trip I observed little
nuances of how Canadians live and aspects of their culture. I learned that there are
lifestyles that are much different from ours, which was very interesting to compare
and contrast since I have never been out of the country.”  Junior Kayla Heath said,
“The trip to Quebec was definitely an experience I will not forget. I learned that
speaking French in the real world is not as scary as it seems [and] there are so
many cool, different things if you travel just a 12 hour ride away…  I would tell
future French students they should one hundred percent go on this trip. I was pretty
skeptical about being in a new place, especially out of the country, but it was so
worth it.”


What an amazing cultural experience for everyone! Special thanks to all of the chaperones who gave up their holiday weekend to make the trip possible!

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