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Holocaust Survivor Educates MS Students

On May 3, 2019, Upper Merion Area Middle School Upper House students had the
opportunity of a lifetime to listen to the eyewitness testimony of Holocaust survivor,
David Tuck. Holocaust education is critical.  Frontline recently reported, “Sixty-six percent of
millennials could not identify what Auschwitz was, and 22 percent had not heard of or
were unfamiliar with the Holocaust, according to a 2018 survey by Claims Conference, a
group that negotiates restitution for Holocaust survivors. Additionally, 68 percent of
millennials wrongly think Hitler came to power by force.
Mr. Tuck’s experiences during the Holocaust directly correlate to and enrich the themes
explored in the Humanities’ curriculum, examining identity, conflict and tolerance as
well as an understanding of the events leading up to World War II.
The Holocaust Awareness Museum of Philadelphia states, “Survivors and liberators as
eyewitnesses to the Holocaust are the richest and best way to educate our youth to
emphasize the message that racial, ethnic, and religious hatred are social poisons that
affect individual people, families and communities.”  
Families have the opportunity to purchase Mr. Tuck’s biography as reported by Lisa
Marlowe for a suggested contribution of $5. All proceeds go toward continuing the work
of Holocaust education. Reach out to Angela Della Valle at to
order and for questions. Visit the website for the Holocaust Awareness and Education Center of Philadelphia at for more information.

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