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Candlebrook 3rd Grader Aces Every Continental Math League Test

Third Grader Alexia Tubbs has been named a Continental Math League (CML) National Student Winner in BOTH the 3rd and 4th Grade Problem Solving Competitions. Alexia scored perfect 6's on all three of the 3rd grade meets and all 5 of the 4th grade meets.  This is the first time in Candlebrook's 15 years of CML participation that a third grader has achieved this level of success on the Grade 4 meets.

The Continental Math League is a national mathematics problem solving competition.  Students are given 30 minutes to solve 6 challenging story problems under test conditions.  Students are eligible to complete meets at and/or above their grade level.  Candlebrook teams are five-time regional champs and seven-time PA state champs.  Alexia began taking both the 3rd and 4th grade CML meets last year as a 2nd grader.  She was given all three grade 3 meets and the final three grade 4 meets.  She scored perfect 6's on every one she took.  That means over the past two CML seasons, Alexia was given a total of 14 meets and scored perfect 6's on all 14 of them!  That is 84 out of 84 brain-busting story problems correct.  What an accomplishment!
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