• Roberts Elementary School Community Partnerships
    What is a community partnership?
    A community partnership is a program that enables the local businesses, colleges, families and the area schools to work together hand-in-hand on projects, activities, and special events that promote wellness and growth within the community.
    Benefits of a Community Partnership Program
    • Schools, families, and the community have an opportunity to work together.
    • Businesses are recognized in the community for partnering with local schools and giving back to their community.
    • New families become aware of businesses’ involvement each year when they join the Roberts Community as their young sons and daughters start on their educational path.
    • Businesses are satisfied knowing that they are directly contributing to the positive growth of students and families in the community.
    Various ways to be a community partner
    • Visit the school and perform a lesson for students.
    • Create a partnership program that lets students see exactly how your company gets involved with the community.
    • Donate towards existing programs that your company could improve and expand upon.
    • Get involved with the students and their lessons, which in turn helps them understand the process of “why” they’re learning.
    • Work with our families on special events at Roberts Elementary School to show them your commitment to helping our children.