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    Food Services
    Upper Merion Area Middle School

    For the 2022-2023 school year, lunches are no longer automatically free for every child. 

    Your household must be certified in order for your child to receive a free or reduced cost lunch.


    Students will be Free, Reduced or Full Pay beginning on the 1st day of school based on the most up-to-date info we have (which may be several years old!).   If you have received an email from Food Service that your household was “Directly Certified” you do not have to do anything.  If you haven’t been “Directly Certified” and you believe, even remotely, that you may be free or reduced, then fill out an application at www.schoolcafe.com.   You will have to set up a new account (if you don’t have one) and then fill out the application.  You can apply on your computer or your smartphone. If you apply on your smartphone, you can apply, submit and track your application status right on your smartphone. If you apply on the computer, you will get an email back from the Food Service office telling you your student(s) designation within a day or two. Food Service uses the primary email that you list on your Student Information Update for all communication about applications, balances, and anything else we need to contact you about.  PLEASE make sure the School District has your up-to-date email address at all times. If there is no email address associated with your household, we will send you the letter in the US Mail.  


    The main office of your student’s school has English and Spanish applications for households without internet or smartphone access.  If you need an application in any other language, please contact the Food Service office at 610-205-8814.

    If your student(s) was free or reduced prior to COVID and if we haven’t Directly Certified your household or received an application from you for the 2022-23 school year, your student(s) will be changed to paid (meaning they will need to start paying for their meals) on Oct 14, 2022. Please make sure you get an application in by then or your student will start accruing charges that will need to be paid.

    Middle School and High School: Breakfast = $2.75, Reduced = 30¢, or Free

    Lunch = $3.25, Reduced = 40¢, or Free


    Elementary Schools: Breakfast = $2.50, Reduced = 30¢, or Free

    Lunch = $3.00, Reduced = 40¢, or Free



    Elementary Schools:

    Please help insure that your student has an ID with a barcode card attached to backpacks to help speed breakfast lines.   

    If your student is not eating breakfast at school, please be sure that they eat breakfast before coming to school so they won’t be hungry during class and unable to concentrate. 

    Middle School:

    Students can get a “Grab and Go” meal, which will contain a fruit or juice and a milk, at one of 2 areas in the main hallway and then bring the meal to their classroom to eat.

    There will be 3 choices every day and at least one will be vegetarian.

    High School:

    Breakfast will be served in the kitchen from 7-7:35 am and students can eat in the cafeteria. Students can choose which fruit and milk they want with their meals.

    There will be 3 choices every day and at least one will be vegetarian.


     Elementary Schools:

    There will be 3 choices every day at the Elementary Schools. One choice will be vegetarian every day.  Teachers in the classroom ask students in the morning what item they want and send that info to the kitchen so we can prepare meals accordingly. Students will be handed an ID card with a barcode on it so that it can be scanned at the end of the lunchline.  The ID will be dropped into a plastic container and held for the next day for the student.

     Middle School:

    There will be 4-6 choices every day at the Middle School. Signs will be posted to indicate what meals are served from what stations.  Menus can be found on the Food Services page of the UMASD.org website and will also be posted on Sapphire. 

    High School:

    There will be 4-6 choices every day at the High School and at least one will be vegetarian. Look for the signs we post to know what meal will be served at which station. Menus can be found on the Food Services page of the UMASD.org website and will also be posted on Sapphire. 

    Managing Your Student’s Breakfast and Lunch Money Can Be Done at www.schoolcafe.com

    With this account, you can:

    • See what your student is eating and set any restrictions on a la carte items you may want
    • (Please note that you cannot restrict access to full meals on the website and must call 610-205-8804 with questions about doing that)
    • Set up low balance alerts and automatic payments
    • Add money to student accounts - by credit or debit card - please note that there is a $1.95 transaction fee to add money to an account in this way, and that the transaction limit is $100.

    To avoid this fee and transaction limit you may send a check to us made out to “Upper Merion Food Service” at:  Upper Merion Food Service, Upper Merion Middle School, 450 Keebler Rd., King of Prussia, PA, 19406.


    Please Read on for Additional Important Food Service Information…

    The Food Service Department’s primary goal is to provide your child with healthy, attractive, and tasty meals which comply with all state and federal nutritional guidelines and regulations.

    Starting off the day with a good breakfast helps your child stay alert and focused in class, which improves academic performance. 

    Monthly menus are posted on the district website and are also posted on each school’s web page and on Sapphire (for Middle and High Schools).

    The UMASD Food Service Department is here to serve the students, so please feel free to contact me any time with compliments, concerns, questions, or suggestions at 610-205-8804 or pbartlett@umasd.org.

    Have a great 2022-23 school year! 

    Penny Bartlett, M.S., R.D., L.D., Food Service Supervisor

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.