• Upper Merion Area School District Elementary iPad Guidelines

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    The UMASD iPads are being distributed to elementary students as a courtesy to help support our elementary distance learning. The iPad is a great tool for learning, but also has the potential to be distracting. Adult supervision and clear expectations with the iPad are critical. Please consider having your child use the iPad in a central location in your home, such as the kitchen or living room, so you can easily monitor and supervise their use.

    ● The Apple iPad, charger, cable, and case are the property of the Upper Merion Area School District.
    ● The iPad, charger, cable, and case must be returned in original working condition.
    The Apple iPads are educational tools and are to be used only in that capacity.
    ● Students should only visit websites approved by the teacher or directly related to the topic the teacher assigns. Students should only use the camera when it directly relates to a topic the teacher assigns.
    ● The iPads are content filtered according to federal guidelines.
    ● Parents should be aware that YouTube is open for students.
    ● Students using the iPads are bound by the Upper Merion Area School District’s Acceptable Use Policy regardless of location of usage. The policy can be found at: www.umasd.org/aup
    ● Students should never sync the iPad to another computer.
    ● The iPad must remain in the case at all times. Elementary iPads do not use a lock screen passcode.
    ● Do not mark the iPad or the case in any way; no stickers or other decorations are permitted.
    ● Food and drink should not be used near the iPad.
    ● Students should charge their iPad with the school issued charger, students should never use an iPhone charger to charge their iPad.

    Directions to connect to WI-FI

    Directions on how to connect to a wireless network

    1. Go to the Settings App -- Then Wi-Fi
    2. Tap the name of the secure network you want to join
    3. Enter the password for the secure WiFi Network and tap join. If you can’t tap Join the password is incorrect.
    4. After you join you will see a check next to the network and your WiFi indicator will show connection.

    Technical support information for school owned devices can be found on the building web pages.

    Free or Reduced Rates for Internet Access Options
    Comcast: https://www.internetessentials.com/
    Charter Spectrum: https://www.spectrum.net/support/internet/coronavirus-internet-offer-students/
    CoxConnect2Complete: https://www.cox.com/residential/internet/connect2compete.html