• Registration Information for 2018 GOTR season

    Posted by Kathryn Hughes on 11/27/2017 8:00:00 PM

    GIRLS ON THE RUN Registration is ONLINE from November 1- December 13. 

    Financial Aid is available! Please follow the directions on the flyer that was sent home to see if you qualify. It is also attached. Scholarships may be provided too! Links are below.

    Registration Link: https://www.gotrpa.org/

    Financial Aid linkhttps://www.raceplanner.com/register/index/financial-aid-2018?sid=d305e2a8ab1d414a8c0b33573381cfd9

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    Posted by Kathryn Hughes on 5/12/2017 8:00:00 AM

    Please see attached link for Race Day 5K information.

    Important Race Day Information  Please view!

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  • Practice 5K Transportation Information

    Posted by Kathryn Hughes on 4/6/2017 9:00:00 AM

    We are over half way through our season and having a blast!!  Thank you to all the parents who have signed the transportation voucher.  If you did not, please sign it ASAP (they will be in the girl’s binders!).  This form states GOTR are not liable for girls being transported by Upper Merion busses to the practice 5K on Thursday, April 27th.  The practice 5K will start at 4:00 and is at Caley Elementary School, 725 Caley Road  King of Prussia.  Busses will return to Bridgeport by 5:30 pm.  

     Transportation Voucher

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  • Day 11 and 12

    Posted by Kathryn Kushner on 4/6/2017 8:00:00 AM

    In Lesson 11 the theme was we can choose our friends. The goals for today’s lesson included helping the girls learn why it is important to be intentional when choosing our friends and identifying situations we may face in friendships. In both the warm-up and the workout, the girls explored words and actions that can break a friendship, boost a friendship, or test a friendship. These include: listening to your ideas (Booster), bullying you (Breaker), and saying they will invite you to their party, but then they don’t (Tester). At the end of the lesson, the girls discussed what they learned and identified strategies they have learned in Girls on the Run that could help them deal with difficult situations regarding friends (e.g., activating their Star Power, Stop and Take a BrThRR, etc.).   The GOTR GOAL for this lesson was to pay attention to what others say and do, and think about if they boost, test, or maybe even break a friendship.

    The theme for Lesson 12 was communication. This was the last lesson on friendship and focused on communicating our feelings to others. The girls were introduced to the importance of good communication at the start of the lesson when they participated in a blind drawing activity where they gave and listened to directions in order to replicate a picture. The girls then learned the four key phrases for expressing their feelings in a respectful manner: I feel…when you…because…I would like for you to… Using the actions/words that break, test, and boost a friendship from last practice, in today’s workout they practiced applying these phrases to situations they may encounter with their peers such as “He/she never wants to be ‘it’ when playing tag.” Today’s GOTR GOAL was to use “I feel” statements to communicate their feelings to someone.

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  • Day 9 and 10

    Posted by Kathryn Kushner on 4/6/2017 8:00:00 AM

    In Lesson 9 the theme was making friends. Today was the first of four lessons dealing with friendship – a hot topic for girls in this age group. In this first lesson, the girls participated in a guessing game activity that helped them realize that you become friends with someone by spending time with them, asking questions of them, and getting to know them better. During the workout, the girls took turns running with each other, asking each other questions, and learning more about their teammates. This workout also built on the idea of empathy from the last lesson, as girls may have needed to adjust their pace in order to talk to each other. By the end of today’s practice the girls knew their teammates better and gained an understanding of how they can become friends with others. The GOTR GOAL for today’s lesson was to get to know a friend better by spending time with him or her and asking questions.

    The theme for Lesson 10 was being friends. With the foundation laid for making friends, the girls were ready to learn about being friends. In the opening activities, the girls partook in a visualization and warm-up where they thought about a really good friend and the qualities that make that friend so special. After thinking about what qualities they look for in a friend, they turned the focus inward and thought about their role as a friend. During the workout, the girls considered how they help a friend in need, how they make their friends feel, and how they help their friends activate their Star Power. At the end of the lesson, the girls compared the qualities they look for in a friend with the qualities they bring to a friendship. Today’s GOTR GOAL was to tell one of their really good friends what they appreciate about him/her.

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  • Day 7 and 8

    Posted by Kathryn Kushner on 4/6/2017 8:00:00 AM

    In Lesson 7 the theme was stop and take a breather. In the second lesson dealing with emotional health, we focused on what to do when you experience a strong emotion, such as anger, jealousy, or nervousness. The girls began by doing an activity where they thought about what happens to their body and mind when they are angry. The girls then learned a specific strategy for calming themselves down: Stop Breathe, Think, Respond, Review (Stop and Take a BrThRR). This strategy allows girls to press pause on the strong emotion they are feeling and think through the choices they have for responding to the situation that caused that emotion. In the workout, the girls practiced applying this strategy to real-life situations such as an argument with a sibling or getting a bad grade on an assignment. The GOTR GOAL for today’s lesson was to practice the Stop and Take a BrThRR strategy when they feel themselves start to experience a strong emotion.

    The theme for Lesson 8 was empathy. Now that the girls have a deeper understanding of their own emotions, the focus shifted outward to help the girls become more aware of other people’s emotions. At the beginning of the lesson, empathy was defined as “putting ourselves in other people’s shoes and understanding their feelings.” The girls also learned the three steps for showing empathy: 1. See the other person’s star. 2. Put yourself in their shoes. 3. Respond in a way that shows care. They then spend the rest of the practice applying these steps to a variety of scenarios and sharing their responses with a coach. Today’s GOTR GOAL was to show empathy to someone by using the steps they learned today.


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  • Day 5 and 6

    Posted by Kathryn Kushner on 3/22/2017 9:00:00 AM

    In Lesson 5, the theme was balance. Today’s lesson was about helping the girls find balance in their life, specifically when it comes to their physical health. In the Getting on Board, the girls did a balancing activity where an unhealthy habit, such as too much screen time or eating lots of candy, throws them off balance. The girls then had to give a healthy alternative, such as going outside to play or eating extra vegetables, in order to come back to a balanced position. This activity led to a discussion about making sure their star is balanced. The girls learned that there are five parts to their star (brain, physical health, activities, people, and emotions), and they filled in their star with examples from their own life in each of these categories. Getting enough rest is a final component to living a balanced lifestyle. In today’s workout, the girls participated in interval training—mixing faster periods of running with periods of rest—to bring this idea to life. The GOTR GOAL for today’s lesson was to practice one way they can keep their star balanced.

    The theme for Lesson 6 was emotions. Today was the first of three lessons about emotional health. In today’s lesson, the girls explored different kinds of emotions and learned to classify them as comfortable or uncomfortable, rather than good or bad. During the workout, the girls were given a variety of emotion cards and they decided for themselves whether that emotion feels comfortable or uncomfortable. In the discussion that followed, the girls talked about how a comfortable emotion for them might be an uncomfortable emotion for someone else. Today’s GOTR GOAL was for the girls to pay attention to their emotions and notice whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable.

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  • Registering as a Running Buddy

    Posted by Kate Kushner on 3/9/2017 12:00:00 PM

    Below is the link to register as a running buddy.  Please note the girls do NOT need to register for the 5K, they are registered through the GOTR program.  This link if for those of you who wish to run with one of our GOTR girls.  

    Running Buddy Registration

    This race is open to the community and the deadline to register is May 5th

    See you emails from GOTR for more information.  

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  • Day 3 and 4

    Posted by Kate Kushner on 3/9/2017 9:00:00 AM

    Day 3 and 4

    Lesson #3: 

    In Lesson 3 the theme was Star Power. The lesson started with the girls participating in a visualization activity that allowed them to find a star shining bright in the sky, make it their own, and place it right next to their heart. This star represents the Star Power that shines within each of them. Throughout the lesson, the girls learned that sometimes clouds, such as negative self-talk or a bad grade on a test, start to form, and they thought about ways they can activate their Star Power and make their star shine through the clouds. The GOTR GOAL for today was to pay attention to the times they feel a cloud start to cover their star and use one of the strategies from today’s practice to activate their Star Power.  Today was also an exciting day because the girls had a chance to pick a "lap goal" for the first time!   

    Lesson #4

    The theme for Lesson 4 was self-talk. Today’s lesson educated the girls about self-talk, which is what we say to ourselves or say aloud to others about ourselves. The girls began the lesson by thinking about times when they have said, or heard someone say, negative self-talk, and the team came up with a signal to use whenever they hear a teammate engaging in negative self-talk. The girls then practiced turning their negative self-talk statements into positive ones and they completed different positive self-talk sentence starters such as, “I like myself because…” and “I have a natural talent for…” By the end of practice, they had a sheet full of their sentences to remind them how wonderful they are. Hanging this sheet somewhere they can refer to it often will help them battle negative self-talk when it starts to creep in. Today’s GOTR GOAL was to use the word or sound we came up with when they start using negative self-talk and turn their negative self-talk into positive self-talk.

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  • Day 2: Choosing to be a Girl On The Run

    Posted by Kate Kushner on 3/3/2017 9:00:00 AM

    The theme in Lesson 2 was choices. The girls continued to strengthen their ties to one another as they worked to unite as a team. Specifically, they learned to recognize the power they each have to choose attitudes that help their Girls on the Run team work well together. During the warm-up, the girls discussed different choices they have including: being truthful, expressing their feelings, and encouraging others. They then identified which of these choices are easy for them and which ones are a little harder. During the workout, the concepts of intentional decision-making and compromise were explored as the girls worked as teams to complete a variety of tasks. The GOTR GOAL for this lesson was to practice one of the Being a Girls on the Run choices that is challenging for them.  We are looking forward to week 2!  

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