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    Mrs. and Mr."So Fancy" Fitz  
    Room C-221
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    Mrs. Julie Fitzgerald

    Fifth grade teacher

    Upper Merion Area Middle School

    Language Arts &

    Int. Science & S.S. 

    Welcome my little minions!
    Falling BooksWelcome to the Fifth Grade Voyager Team!Falling Books
    Welcome to my website and to the Voyager Team!  On our team, I teach English language arts (ELA) and Mrs. Wood teaches math. Mrs. Wood and I both teach Integrated Science and Social Studies to our homeroom students. 
    Time goes by so quickly when you're having fun! This year I will be entering my twentieth year of teaching. I began teaching after receiving my degree from West Chester University in 2000. I have since then received my Master's degree from Villanova University. Go Nova!
    It has been a pleasure working with the members of the Upper Merion community. I have enjoyed welcoming the incoming fifth graders to our middle school each year. This transition from the elementary school to our middle school is very special. I am thrilled to get to know all of the newest students and parents of our Voyager family!

    Learning is our voyage

    Knowledge is our quest

    The world is our classroom

    One two three... lift! Together

    Please note:
    • Students/parents/guardians will access assignments through Schoology.  An access code will be provided to parents at the beginning of the school year.  
    • Each student will receive a communication agenda provided by our amazing PTC!
    • All student grades can be accessed through the Sapphire Parent Portal. 



    ARGH... where's my coffee?  Ready for a voyage?  I can't flip the picture.

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