• Philosophy Behind The Upper Merion Area School District

    One Student One Device Technology Program

    We believe equitable and ready access to technology will assist:
      • Teachers to integrate technology in a meaningful way. (SAMR)

      • Teachers to be empowered to facilitate student-centered and differentiated instruction related to best practices in teaching and learning.

      • Teachers and students to use technology resources and tools to promote and enhance critical thinking, problem solving, perseverance, and persistence.

      • Students to be motivated to think and work creatively.

      • Students to be innovative in constructing knowledge and solutions to problems.  

      • Students to enhance their digital citizenship skills.

      • Students, Teachers, and Parents to communicate and collaborate.

     Our district provides One to One devices at each grade level as follows:

    Kindergarten through 4th grade students have in-school only access to an iPad assigned to them for the duration of their elementary years.

    5th through 8th grade students have an iPad assigned to them which they may take home during the school year to use for schoolwork.

    9th through 12th grade students are assigned a Macbook laptop computer which they may take home during the school year.

    Please see more information regarding each program at the following links:

    Elementary Level

    Middle School Level

    High School Level