And now for the BUZZ

    Central Montco Technical High School will be holding a Community Day on Saturday, April 28th from 11am to 2pm. Bring your friends and family to a fun day! For more information, please visit www.cmths.org

    A quick reminder from Mr. Fabrizio and Mr. Campbell: Being to class on time is the first step to learning. Your teachers will be explaining their expectations in their individual classes. Please make sure you understand each teacher’s expectations. If you have questions, ask.


    Also from Mr. Fabrizio and Mr. Campbell: Students are reminded that classrooms are distraction free learning zones.  Phones should be away at all times, unless the teacher gives permission to use it.  If a teacher reminds you to put your phone away during class, put it away immediately and do not take it back out. If you have a special situation where you would need to use or check your phone during class, please discuss arrangements with your teacher before class starts.