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    Hello!   We are currently enrolling students in grades 3&4 for the Roberts strings program. This program is separate from your child’s general music class. Students who participate have small group instruction to learn an instrument. Your child may choose to play the violin, viola, cello or bass.

    All string classes are offered during the school day. Students will have one lesson each week (example: every Wednesday).  Lessons are 30 minutes each. 

    Something IMPORTANT must be mentioned!

    String members are expected to practice 80-100 minutes a week at home. Parents are required to log their child’s practice times each week. Please consider this required home practice and your child’s activity schedule when signing up for our string program.

    There is no cost for the instruction; however, rental of the instrument is your responsibility. In the fall I will measure your child for the correct size and you will need to make arrangements to rent an instrument from a music store. I recommend renting an instrument from Music and Arts through a plan they offer the school district.

    If you plan on purchasing an instrument, please make sure it is one that works properly. I know we all love a good deal…..however, an instrument that doesn’t work correctly sets your child up for frustration and failure. You may as well through your money out the window! Here’s what to look for:

    - tuning pegs at the top turn smoothly and hold in place once the string is tuned.

    - fine tuners (small screws at the bottom) turn easily

    - bow tightens and loosens easily

    Some quality brands are: Strobel, Scherl&Roth, Yamaha, Suzuki

     If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at anhomicz@umasd.org or Miss Beard at abeard@umasd.org 


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Last Modified on June 4, 2021