Sean Gardiner
    Dr. Sean W. Gardiner
    Director of Curriculum & Instruction    
    S.T.E.M. Education


    Upper Merion Area School District
    435 Crossfield Road
    King of Prussia, PA 19406 
    Phone:  610-205-6422

    Science  Technology  Engineering  Mathematics 

    I believe it is extremely important to create an environment in a district where every student learns, grows, and feels valued.  S.T.E.M. Education in the Upper Merion Area School District will integrate this philosophy into decisions and daily interactions with students.  Our goal is to increase student motivation, engagement and achievement.  In addition, we will work diligently to create an environment that supports equity and excellence for our students in every decision, continuing to “Inspire Excellence.”


    S.T.E.M. education has become one of the most debated areas regarding equity and excellence in the United States.  Throughout our country we are seeing students who are not excited about S.T.E.M. education and students having varying abilities in the foundation needed for S.T.E.M. careers.  Our Principals and Teachers are working diligently to create both excitement and a solid foundation for students to pursue a future in S.T.E.M.  My role as the Director of Curriculum and Instruction is to support this work throughout our district.

    It is an exciting time in education as we transition to the PA Core Standards, make S.T.E.M. education a priority, and maintain a focus on student success.  You will see different initiatives focusing on the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics throughout your child’s K – 12 education in our district.  I am always open to feedback and partnerships to engage in a continuous dialogue as we collaborate to ensure your child’s excitement and success in S.T.E.M.  Please feel free to contact me any time.