• About Me

     Overlooking Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    This picture was taken at the entrance of a cave in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
    Name: Mr. John Barlow
    School: Gulph Elementary School
    Position: Fourth Grade teacher 

    Email: jbarlow@umasd.org



       As summer inches toward fall, change is in the air for both students and teachers.  Cooler nights and comfortable days will eventually accompany the transition from August to September.  My wife is never thrilled about the arrival of these cooler temperatures but my long distance running welcomes the change.  This year also marks my fifth year at Gulph Elementary after spending the previous 6 years at Roberts.  
        Six summers ago, I married my wife, Lauren, and traveled to Vietnam for two weeks to experience another culture and explore a different corner of the world.  Do you know where Vietnam is on a map?  Pull up Google maps and take a look! It took us 19 hours on an airplane to reach our destination in Hanoi, Vietnam.  After exploring the city, touring the historical estates of Ho Chi Minh, and sampling the various local foods, we then explored the countryside and the life present there. Rice paddies dotted the landscape and towering mountains loomed in the distance.  The coastal plain of Ha Long Bay looked like the landscape in Lord of the Rings. Mountains stood watch over the sea and we kayaked through caves and other narrow passageways as monkeys squeaked above our heads.  Later on our trip, we spent time in the town of Hoi An, Vietnam's ancient city.  We fished with locals using traditional nets, biked along the river, and I even had a suit jacket made by one of the local tailors!  It was the trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to tell you more!  Every night, we would sit by the ocean and look out at the horizon.  As the moon slowly rose and darkness descended, bright lights suddently appeared on the horizon as squid fishing boats set out on their daily excursions.
        This summer, we took a Southern road trip.  After departing my parents' house in the Outer Banks (my favorite place on Earth), we drove West to Asheville and Boone, NC.  During our trip we learned so much about the history of the areas and spent some time relaxing in the mountains!  We also did some fun excursions like white water rafting!
       I'm really excited to begin this learning journey with you!  More details will follow in the coming days about your upcoming school year.