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    Caley Child Study Team
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    in every student, every day because all children can learn.

    What is the Caley Child Study Team?

    The Caley Child Study Team (CCST) is a team of school personnel dedicated to supporting the academic, social, and emotional potential of all our students. It is our responsibility, along with the general education staff, to foster within each child the intrinsic belief that when they actively seek to discover their skills and talents, they can reach their full potential.

    Core Team Members

    Steve Van Mater,

    Jessica Vicente,
    School Counselor

    Holly Iemmello,
    Reading Specialist

    Morgan Leitold,
    Speech Therapist

    Sandy O’Brien,
    Special Education

    Dr. Lauren Moulton,
    School Psychologist

    Alex Riling,
    Behavior Analyst

    Gail Sugerman,
    Occupational Therapist

    Amy Traviline,
    Special Education

    Elizabeth Amole,
    General Education


    Caley Faculty,
    (as requested)


    Caley Child Study Team (CCST) Referral Process

    Teachers, parents, or administrators can initiate student referrals to the Child Study Team. The Child Study Team will review the referral and a follow-up meeting and/or consultation will be scheduled. The team will develop an action plan and share recommendations with the classroom teacher to support the student’s needs in school and home. If a parent wishes to initiate a referral, they can contact their child’s homeroom teacher.

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