To OUR Continental Mathematics League
    7 State Regional Champions
    CML Award
    Once a month from November through March these students worked on six very challenging math story problems under test conditions. Our team score was the sum of our six highest individual student scores. We were competing against over thirty teams in Pennsylvania, over 70 teams in our seven state region and over 400 teams in the United States. Our 4th graders came in first place in the state and also first place in our region. Their final cumulative score was the 19th highest in the entire country. Individually, Lauren Galban got 29 out of 30 problems correct making her the highest individual scorer in our state and region. Our 3rd graders did great as well. First, they helped the 4th graders out by taking the 4th grade challenges as well as their own 3rd grade challenges. The 4th grade score was augmented by some great above-grade performances by our 3rd graders. In their own 3rd grade contest, our 3rd graders finished 2nd in the state of Pennsylvania and 2nd in our region.
        Our Third Grade Team         Our Fourth Grade Team
    Third Grade Math League Team  4th Grade Math League Team
    Below is a Sample of one of their Tests.  Good Luck, it's Tough!

    Sample 4th Grade Test