We look forward to working with you and your children this year. Please feel free to email us if you need anything at all.


    Your child’s daily requirements are listed below.


                 Homework Folder including Assignment Book and Reading Log

                 Sharpened pencils w/erasers

                 Healthy Snack


    We recommend flashcards for home use (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.) Your child will also have access to the EDM4 website, as well as, First in Math for fact practice.


    If there are any changes in dismissal procedure, you must send in a note. An absence note must be sent the day your child returns to school after being absent. 




    Check and sign your child’s assignment book and reading log daily. Please send a note if problems arise. Nightly reading is a school wide program. Students must read at least 15 minutes. Anthology stories or content material can be part of this required reading. Math facts should also be practiced for 15 minutes each night.


    SPECIALS: Mrs.Borzillo   Mrs.Law     Mrs.Wolski     Ms. DiFebbo


    A Day      Gym         Music          Art          Health/Guidance

    B Day      Music        Library    Health/Guidance       Gym

    C Day     Library        Art           Gym            Music

    D Day      Art      Health/Guidance   Music           Library

    E Day  Health/Guidance   Gym         Library            Art


    Class Parties:  

    Halloween – Tuesday, Oct.31 (after the parade)

    Winter Holiday – Thursday, Dec. 21 (time TBA)

    Valentine’s Day – Wednesday, Feb. 14 (time TBA)

    End of Year Picnic – Wednesday, June 6 (time TBA)

    Parties are subject to change due to schedule changes. Advance notice will be given!



    December 6             March 7           June 8        

    (Wednesday)         (Wednesday)        (last day)



    CONFERENCE DATES: December 7 & 12 (both afternoon & evening)

                    March 8 (afternoon & evening) March 13 (afternoon only)


    LANGUAGE ARTS:  McGraw - Hill Wonders Program

    Includes: Reading, Writing, Grammar and Spelling


    MATH: Everyday Math 4

           First In Math  



    SOCIAL STUDIES: Unit 1:  Pennsylvania Civics and Government

                     Unit 2:  Pennsylvania History

                     Unit 3: Pennsylvania Economy

                     Geography will be integrated throughout the year


    SCIENCE: Life Science

             Earth Science

             Physical Science


    Tentatively Planned Field Trips: Adventure Aquarium (Spring) 


    PSSA Testing: April 9 - 13 (ELA), April 16 – 20 (Math) 


    Let us know if you have any questions! Please visit our individual websites for more information pertaining to our classrooms.


    -- The Third Grade Team