Welcome to Second Grade!


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    Policies and Procedures 

    Bring Everyday:

      • book bag
      • homework folder (We will supply the folder.)
      • healthy snack (peanut/tree nut free)
      • lunch/money

     Parent/Teacher Relationship:

    We believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success. Throughout the year we will communicate with you through notes, telephone calls, e-mail, newsletters, progress reports and parent-teacher conferences. We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at any time. We are also available for additional conferences by appointment. 

    Mrs. Heston




    Mrs. Houk




    Mrs. Laudermilch




    Mrs. Wolski



    Parent Participation:

    Throughout the school year we have several celebrations. In the beginning of the school year, we request a party donation of $15.00 so that our homeroom parents can provide treats and supplies for the entire year. We will also need a limited number of chaperones for our field trip.  More details will follow.

    School Attendance/Absences:

    Your child's regular and prompt attendance at school is crucial to his/her success. Please view school as a priority, and see to it that your child attends everyday except in cases of illness and emergency.   If your child is absent, please call the Candlebrook office at 610-205-3702. Please remember to include an absence note when your child returns.

    School Hours:

    8:40 - Doors open

    8:50 - Class begins

    3:30 - Students dismiss


    Notes are needed for early dismissals as well as ANY change in dismissal (different mode of transportation, different person picking up the child, going home with a friend, or taking a friend home). If a child is to go home with a friend, we need a written note from both families. Without a written note, your child will be sent home by his/her usual method of transportation. 


    On occasion it will be necessary for your child to bring money to school. Always send money in a sealed envelope with the following information written on it:

        1. Your child's first and last name
        2. The amount of money
        3. The purpose for the money
        4. Teacher name 


    We are continuing our District’s Health and Wellness Policy as required by Federal and State regulations. In place of a special treat, you and your child may choose to purchase a game or book for the classroom in honor of his/her birthday. Children with summer birthdays will have a special day set aside for them in June. If you are having a birthday party for your child, please mail the invitations or phone parents unless you are inviting the whole class.  This request is intended to help avoid hurt feelings on the part of anyone in the class who may not be invited to the party.

    Homework Folder:

    Your child will be given a folder on the first day of school. It must go home with your child every evening and come back to school each morning. The folder will contain important news, notices, completed work, community activity information, homework, etc. Each night, please sit with your child and remove any completed papers or notes for home from the folder.  Any forms or notes from home that need to be returned to school should be placed in the folder.


    Homework will be assigned regularly Monday through Thursday. 


    Send a healthy snack (peanut/tree nut free) to school with your child every day. Please keep the snacks very simple (pretzels, cubes of cheese, crackers, etc.) Our break is very short so please keep this in mind when choosing a snack. Please send water in a spill-proof water bottle.


    The children will participate in Library, Art, Gym, Health, Guidance and Music. Please remind your child to wear sneakers on Gym day and to return their Library books the day before Library.


    We are looking forward to a successful partnership and a tremendous school year!

    Second Grade Team :)