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    Students, parents/guardians, teachers, aides, counselors, administrators and office staff all have important roles to play in our school.  Although problems may occur from time to time, with so many people working together to resolve them, a positive and safe learning environment can be promoted.   Guidelines help everyone to know what behaviors are expected and they work only when everyone knows what they are and agrees to support them.

    Your signatures below indicate that you and your child understand the guidelines.  We need you to support our goal to have a safe learning environment where every child positively contributes to the school community and where parents feel valued as partners in the education of their children.

    Specific violations of the District Discipline Code and suggested consequences are included in the Elementary Handbook that will be sent home in the first day packet.  However, please feel free to share below what you have found to be effective with your child.

    It is important to have a school environment where students love to learn and teachers love to teach and where parents are a welcome part of the school community.  Your involvement and input is critical to promoting a successful school experience for your child.


    (Please return this sheet only to your child’s teacher on the first day.)



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