September, 2016


    Dear Candlebrook Families,


    Our elementary schools follow a rotating five day schedule (Days A,B,C,D,E). Students in grades 1-4 will have five special area subjects during a five day cycle; Art, Guidance, Health, Library, Music and Physical Education. We use letter days rather than “days of the week” for this rotating schedule. If your child has PE on “A” day and there is a snow day on that day; instead of missing the special area class as in the past, your child will have PE on the very next day in school, which would now be the new “A” day. The following day would change to “B” day and so on to complete the five day rotation.  The rotating five day cycle will eliminate missed special area classes for holidays, snow days, In-Service days, etc.  It will provide equity with instructional time for all classes in the special area subjects.


    A high priority in creating this schedule is to assure each grade level common time to maximize  the instructional time across the district dedicated to each of the subject areas; Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. This will allow us greater opportunities to differentiate instruction, target instruction for specific needs, and to provide an enrichment/intervention period for the purpose of addressing individual student needs. Each grade level will now have common instructional time and an Intervention/Enrichment period called EXCEL (Extra Curricula Enrichment Learning) each day.


    We will do our best to keep you informed of any changes in the rotating schedule. On the other side of this letter is the schedule for the first two months of school. All of the elementary schools will follow the same letter schedule each day. Your child’s teacher will notify you of the specific special subject scheduled each day. We will also post this information in our monthly calendar. Students will need to be dressed appropriately and to wear sneakers to participate in physical education classes so it will be important to know the days your child has gym.  Our kindergarten students will receive formal phys-ed, music and library classes on the Friday noon dismissals each month.


    Our “School Year at a Glance” for the 2016-2017 school year includes important dates such as parent/teacher conferences, progress report distribution, in-service, holidays and early dismissals dates.  These dates are also listed on the Upper Merion Area School District calendar.  Please keep it handy for reference.


    We are looking forward to working with you.  We thank you for your continued support.




    Frank McCartney