• You know you missed us!



    We believe in living our Viking Values!  

    As a school we do not tolerate ANY form of disrespectful behavior or language.  We make it clear to our students at the beginning of the year that taunting, teasing, inappropriate language or gestures, physical contact with another student (other than a high five, handshake, or helping another student), dirty looks, or other various forms of bullying will not be tolerated.  Our school proudly accepted two character awards in 2010 for our dedication to one another. We promise to be a caring, respectful, responsible, and trusting family. Upper Merion Area Middle School received an award as a Pennsylvania School of Character and a National School of Character. All of the students and families associated with our middle school family look forward to welcoming new fifth graders into our home every year and teaching them to be a part of this incredible community of caring!

    We count on your support at home and are always available for conferences.  Please know that if we call home or your work place, that it is for a very good reason.  We usually will communicate to you through the agenda. However if you need to reach us during the school day, you can leave us a voicemail and we will return your phone call at the earliest possible convenience.  Email continues to be one of the easiest ways of getting in touch with your child's teachers.  Please do not hesitate to contact any of your child's teachers regarding your child. All of the Upper Merion teachers make it their top priority to provide your child with the best educational experiences!


    We are looking forward to enjoying this school year with our fifth grade family!