Upper Merion Area Middle School

Inspiring Excellence

                                                                  In the photo above - Mrs. Kara Howell, Mrs. Kim Corbi,
                                                                  Mr. David Burns, and Mrs. Mandi Donahue

Our guidance counselors' main purpose is to help students grow academically and socially during their Middle School years. Any student who has a problem should go to the Guidance Office for help. The clerk in the office will make arrangements for he or she to see the appropriate guidance counselor.

If parents/guardians wish to speak with a counselor, they may call the Guidance Office for an appointment.

Click below to access counselor's websites:
Grade 5: Mandi Donahue - Please visit my website
Grade 6: Dave Burns -  Please visit my website
Grade 7: Kim Corbi -  Please visit my website
Grade 8: Kara Howell - Please visit my website

Social Worker - Pat Berger -  pberger@umasd.org