Eligibility to ride a bus and bus routes are established by the Upper Merion Area School District's Transportation Department.  Bus stop information is mailed home before school opens.  Students may ride only on the buses to which they have been assigned.

    A student who is assigned to ride a bus may not walk home without a note from a parent.

    Any student who wishes to ride a bus to go to another student's house must have a note from a parent/guardian indicating permission to do so.  The parent/guardian who has invited the student to visit must also send a note with his/her child granting permission for the visit.  An administrator must sign both notes. 

    When boarding buses, students are to follow directions from staff members who are on duty.  Running to buses or crowding through doors is not permitted.  While on the bus, students are expected to cooperate with the driver to ensure a safe, pleasant trip.  Bus drivers and Administrators reserve the right to assign seats. 

    Students must remain in seats until the bus comes to a complete stop.  Violations of proper conduct at bus stops or while on the bus may result in loss of bus privileges.

    Audio and video surveillance will occur on school buses and those video recordings may be used for investigative or disciplinary purposes.

    Bus A.M. Drop-Off Location

    The buses will be using the Keebler Road entrance of the middle school and unloading students at the front of the middle school.

    Bus P.M. Loading Location

    The bus loading area in the p.m. is at the front of the middle school.



    Parent Pick-up location - Back of the building

    To ensure a smooth traffic pattern, parents should enter the Keebler Road main entrance, turn right and follow curb and side access road to the rear parking lot. Enter the rear parking lot at the far side and park between the cones alongside the sidewalk adjacent to the rear of the building. As parents leave their location along the sidewalk, they should travel out to the same access road used to enter the pick up area. Follow the posted signs to exit back onto Keebler Road.

    Bus loading location

    Buses will pull in the front entrance, make a right and park adjacent to the front of the building. As buses leave, they will depart on the Exit side of the main school driveway/entrance.


    The safety of our students is a priority during the a.m. drop-off and p.m. pick-up times each day. Thank you for your support and cooperation with our traffic patterns.