• Upper Merion Area Middle School is a Community of Caring!

    Community of Caring Works!


    Community of Caring is a NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND program used nationally by hundreds of school districts to promote the teaching of Character Education.  At Upper Merion Area Middle School we live, teach and role model the core values of FAMILY, TRUST, RESPECT, RESPONSIBILITY and CARING.  These core values, along with the character traits associated with the state standards, are infused in daily lessons and discussions. The program also encourages the use of class meetings and service learning to promote core values, as well as academic achievement.

    The goal of Community of Caring is to encourage academic excellence, student achievement and responsible citizens through the integration of character.

    Research shows that…

    • Community of Caring is effective in promoting positive school culture and positive attitudes of teachers
    • Community of Caring fosters improved student attendance, higher grade point averages and character
    • Students respect and care for each other, even when they are not friends
    • Teachers respect, care for and have interest in students
    • Stronger norms develop against vandalism, fighting, cheating, bullying and verbal abuse in school; decrease the number of discipline referrals
    • Community of Caring is an effective teen pregnancy prevention and alcohol prevention program 

    Important components include: Curriculum development, bullying prevention, service learning, social inclusion of all students, student leadership, and family and community involvement

    Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Center for Community of Caring