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What is UMAAT?

The Upper Merion Area Assistance Team provides a system of referral, intervention and after-care for students who are experiencing barriers to academic and/or personal success.  These could include depression, anxiety, anger, or drug or alcohol related concerns.

The team is not disciplinary in nature and all of its work is strictly confidential.

About the Team
Students can be referred to UMAAT by anyone from the school community.  There are also incidents where students are referred to the UMAAT team based on a discipline issue that occured either in school or in the community.  In this instance, an assessment is usually scheduled  prior to the end of the disciplinary action.

Once a student is referred to the team, a case manager is assigned and parents are contacted to attain permission to continue the UMAAT process.  Information is then collected regarding the student's attendance, grades, and behaviors from teachers, the school nurse, guidance counselor, and assistant principal.  Throughout the process, the UMAAT team and the parents work together to support the student.

Assessments by a community counselor are available at school through Carson Valley Children's Aid. 

How to Contact the Team
You may contact the team via the school nurse at 610-205-3836 or by email at umaat@umasd.org.

Team Members 2016-2017
Victor Brown
Patty Ehret
Nicole Miller 
Marie Moser
Jeff Skonier
Ed Snieska
Beth Triolo
Iris Washington
Angie Yanocha
Tom Campbell 

UMAAT Documents

UMAAT Referral Form

UMAAT Parent Concerns and Strengths Form