• UMAHS Parent Advisory Board



    • This group of parents would provide valuable input on school initiatives and programs from a parental perspective.  They would also raise issues that parents feel need to be addressed and help develop recommendations on how to continually improve the high school particularly in regard to the student and parent experience.


    Group Members:

    • The goal would be to have at least 2 parents from each graduating class to be Parent Advisory Board Member


    • Any parent wishing to attend Parent Advisory Board meetings will be welcome to attend.


    Responsibilities of Board Members:

    • Attend Parent Advisory Board Meetings per year.
    • Provide constructive input and feedback from a parental perspective on a variety of high school initiatives and programs.
    • Maintain volunteer activities previously performed by the PTAC
      • Teacher Appreciation Breakfast
      • Administrative Assistant’s Appreciation
    • Suggest topics for parent presentations by various school/district groups –Guidance, CAST, Athletic Department, etc.
    • Make recommendations on how the school can improve.
    • Decide on what information needs to be communicated to parents – web, e-mail, phone system, etc.
    • One parent would need to act as treasurer for the group’s funds.


    Responsibilities of the Principal

    • Create agenda for meetings.
    • Present High School initiatives and programs for parent input and feedback.
    • Take parent recommendations back to appropriate groups/staff for action.
    • Report back to Parent Advisory Board on implementation of recommendations.
    • Facilitate parents communication- update web, send e-mails, use phone system, etc.


    Meeting Schedule:

    • At least 4 scheduled meetings per year