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Welcome to the Upper Merion Area High School Counseling Department. The Department consists of four school counselors, one college counselor, our guidance technician, and our guidance clerk.  Our Staff and contact information is listed below.  

Our departmental Fax # is 610-205-3886.
Summer Days for High School Counselors
Please contact Mrs. Berman at 610-205-3821 to schedule appointments. If possible, please make your appointments with your designated counselor.  Summer hours are appointments are made for between 7:30 AM and 3:00 PM.
Friday, June 16th – Enters / Brower / Lowry / Jackson / Miller

Monday, June 19th – Brower / Lowry / Miller

Tuesday, June 20th – Enters / Brower / Lowry / Jackson / Miller

Thursday, June 22nd – Enters / Jackson / Miller


Thursday, July 6th – Enters

Tuesday, July 11th – Jackson

Wednesday, July 12th – Lowry / Jackson

Thursday, July 13th – Lowry / Jackson / Miller

Wednesday, July 19th – Lowry / Miller

Thursday, July 20th – Enters / Miller

Tuesday, July 25th – Enters

Wednesday, July 26th – Enters / Miller

Thursday, July 27th – Enters / Miller


Tuesday, August 1st – Lowry / Jackson

Thursday, August 3rd – Lowry / Jackson

Tuesday, August 8th – Brower

Wednesday, August 9th – Brower

Tuesday, August 15th – Brower

Wednesday, August 16th – Brower

Thursday, August 17th - Brower

Attention College Admissions Representatives - Upper Merion Area HS is now using https://repvisits.com  to schedule visitations to our school.  We will publicize your visit on our school announcements on local access, through our Naviance site, and also during our homeroom morning announcements during the school year.  We allow all students regardless of grade level access to college admissions rep visits.  You can contact our Guidance Clerk, Diane Coxe - 610-205-3899 or dcoxe@umasd.org during the school year to reconfirm your appointment and check to see if any students have signed up to meet with you.

This past school year we moved to a hybrid counselor distribution that incorporates the best of two models.  It is a dual grade level alphabetical system.  Two counselors share two grade levels and be assigned to students by alphabet.  Each grade is divided alphabetically by last name: A-K and L-Z with a counselor assigned to that particular caseload.  Assistant Principals are aligned with the counselors - (Class of 2017 & 2019 - Mr. Fabrizio, Class of 2018 & 2020 - Mr. Campbell).


The key advantages our system are:

  • Ninth grade students will have two counselors that are easily identifiable with their graduating class.

  • Our distribution allows the two freshmen class counselors the opportunity to work closely with ninth grade teachers and students by implementing our year long transition curriculum through Teen Issues and Digital Academy classes.

  • Students have a four-year connection with three consistent adult advocates and supports (two counselors and an assistant principal.)

  • There is more effective coordination between senior year counselors and the college counselor in regards to managing college application materials.

  • Our system allows for more consistent and constant contact between counselors, teachers, and students in a specific grade level.


Class of 2017 & 2019 

Students Last Names: A-K

Patricia Brower



Class of 2017 & 2019 

Students Last Names: L-Z

Allison Lowry



Class of 2018 & 2020 

Students Last Names: A-K

Kim Jackson



Class of 2018 & 2020 

Students Last Names: L-Z

Nicole Miller



College Counselor

Erik Enters



Guidance Technician

Elaine Berman



Guidance Clerk

Diane Coxe



Our main goal continues to be providing the most effective support and advocacy for our students.  If a student needs to see a specific counselor for individual counseling issues, that student will still have access to that counselor regardless of caseload assignment.  

Upper Merion Area High School Counselors

Upper Merion is a Naviance Family Connection school and utilizes this as our main guidance website.  
You can access Family Connection here - Family Connection by Naviance    
To sign in - the student should type in their student id in email user name space.  Your password is your birthday - yyyymmdd.  Guests may access the site but will be limited to basic information and not be able to use all of the features of the website.  If you have problems accessing your Naviance account please contact your individual counselor.
College Counseling on Twitter! - https://twitter.com/UMCollegeCouns 
CAST -Community Alliance for a Safer Tomorrow

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