• UMAHS Technology & Engineering Education Course Overview

    Technology and Engineering Education


    The Technology and Engineering Education program provides students with the opportunity to investigate the relationships between science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and apply their understanding of those relationships in different project-based learning activities. 


    All of the courses in the program focus on the development of problem solving and communication skills, systems thinking, and the modeling of different technologies and processes that are used in the 21st century workplace.


    731     STEM:Principles and Processes  (Semester-Daily) Credit 0.5


    This course focuses on how technology and engineering is used to solve problems and understand the world we live in.  The students will examine existing and emerging technologies and evaluate how they were developed and could be modified to solve problems in the future.  The primary focus in the course is on developing an understanding of the ways technology has been used to create new and innovative products and processes. Students will complete case studies, design challenges, and technical reports as they investigate the principles and processes used to create our technological world.


    732     STEM:Design and Fabrication       (Semester-Daily) Credit0.5


    This course addresses how technology and engineering principles are applied to the design of materials,objects, structures, and systems. The use of design challenges and prototyping activities will provide students with the opportunity to design, construct, and evaluate a number of different structures.  The primary focus of the course is on using design processes to systematically construct and evaluate a number of different structures and systems.  Students will complete prototyping activities, technical drawings, and design challenges as they apply their understanding of design and fabrication to a number of different projects.        


    733    Introduction to Engineering           (Semester-Daily) Credit 0.5


    This course introduces students to the various fields of engineering and provides students with the opportunity to engage in engineering activities. The course will begin with an overview of the engineering principles common to all of the engineering fields and then focus on the concepts that distinguish between the different engineering fields. Students will work on a number of projects that incorporate design challenges, technical drawings, and digital integration as they develop an understanding of important engineering principles.


    741    Engineering Systems                      (Semester-Daily) Credit 0.5


    This course is a second engineering course for students who have completed “Introduction to Engineering” and focuses on how the different engineering fields interact to complete both large and small projects.   In additional to discussing engineering principles,students will explore how financial, marketing, and regulatory agencies impact and influence any engineering project. Students will complete a number of design challenges, presentations, and manufacturing simulations as they expand their understanding of engineering principles.

    742    Advanced topics in Engineering      (Semester-Daily) Credit0.5


    This course is a third engineering course for students who have completed the “Introduction to Engineering” and“Engineering Systems” courses and serves as an independent study course for students to pursue topics on their own interest.  The final project will incorporate a number of smaller projects and will be of a size and a scope to reflect a semester dedicated to the understanding, investigating, and presentation of an important technological or engineering idea or concept.

    Extra-Curricular Opportunities
    - ACE Mentoring Program
    - Technology Student Association
    - Science Olympiad
    - SeaPerch
    For more information, please visit the Science Club page