Advanced Physical Education
            o    This is an elective course designed to develop leadership skills and gives students who are interested in pursuing a career of teaching Physical Education the opportunity to experience teaching through peer involvement and also teaching elementary age students.

            o    We have the benefit of excellent facilities here at Upper Merion. We have an excellent weight room and cardio room for strength and cardiovascular fitness training, along with 3 gymnasiums for use in our class instruction.

      Physical Education
             o   We have a variety of activities in our Physical Education curriculum. Here is a few of the activities that we instruct in our curriculum- Team Sports, such as Basketball, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Lacrosse. We also teach a variety of individual activities, such as Tennis, Golf, Yoga and Badminton. We also have a fitness program in which we utilize our facilities for our students personal fitness development.

        Health program
            o    We have two graduate required courses in our Health program.  Teen Issues, mainly for 9th graders, is extremely valuable in discussing and learning about high-risk behaviors and emphasizing the consequences of being involved in those behaviors. Through this education we hope to help them make positive decisions. We continue this approach in our 11th grade Health class. We also educate our students about the values of good nutrition and safety and first aid.