•    Advanced Band, Choir and Orchestra
            o    In order to allow greater scheduling flexibility we initiated “Zero Period” in 2002.  Advanced students selected by audition are able to rehearse in the morning from 7 – 7:45. This has allowed our ensembles to learn more difficult music.

    •    Music Theory computer aided instruction
            o    With the addition of eight MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) computers and additional software students are able to learn music theory as well as compose and print original compositions for our performing ensembles.

    •    Guitar Class
            o    A class designed for the beginner and intermediate level players and accessible for students of all four grades in high school. The students learn to expand their understanding of strumming patterns, chords, notes on staff paper, names of the notes on the fret board.  The students will increase their understanding of chord progressions and basic ear training.  The students will also learn to play to songs that they hear on the radio and learn to transpose those songs into other keys.