Advanced Placement Courses
    The department offers a rigorous Honors program leading to AP Calculus and AP Statistics

    Instructional Support Courses
    Staffed with a Mathematics teacher, instructional support classes meet with a goal of improving math skills and preparation for the Algebra Keystone Exam. Keystone Algebra is designed for those students who score basic or below basic on the Keystone Exam in Algebra 1.  Keystone Algebra Prep is designed for students currently enrolled in an Algebra 1 class to offer additional preparation for the Algebra Keystone Exam. 

    Keystone Exams
    Students currently enrolled in Algebra 1 will take the Keystone Exam in May at the end of the course.  This is a graduation requirement.

    SAT Preparation
    There is a separate elective course designed to help students prepare for the SAT.

    Math Team
    Members of the math team take part in a variety of competitions both in and out of school.