• ART Highlights
    •    Mural Arts
            o    This program is done through the advanced art class.  It involves students in the design and painting of the mural.  The murals have been done in the high school as tributes or enhancements to school.  One was also done for the District Courthouse in Bridgeport.

    •    Mosaic Arts
            o    This program teaches students about pictures in clay.  Large mosaics have been done in the high school as permanent installations. Smaller versions are done yearly in all ceramic classes for all grades.

    •    Nursery School projects
            o    Students in art & ceramic courses have prepared and taught lessons as specific projects to the nursery school children that attend our early childhood classes.  Students are taught about working with 3 – 5 year olds and how to get them to use clay and other art materials to create projects.

    •    Cultural Fair/Diversity Day programs
            o    Students from art courses have prepared projects for participants in the Cultural Fair/Diversity Day programs to interact with through the addition of their signature or creating a specific lasting piece of artwork that was either displayed or taken home.

    •    Mini-grant projects
            o    Money from mini-grant applications has been used to create artwork such as “Flags of Hope”, helped in the funding of the Arts Festival, or allowed students to be able to participate in an Artist in Residence program such as papermaking or watercolors.