• German GartenPhilly Weihnachtsmarkt

    Herr Skonier (HS)

    Frau Hudak (MS)


    The German Club is open to any student interested in learning more about Germany. You DO NOT need to take German to be in the club.
    Come if you want to learn more about German and help others experience the culture.  See Herr Skonier (rm. A305) for more information.

    See Herr Skonier to join the Schoology group to stay informed.
    Activities for the year:
    - National German Week 
    - Selling Advent Calendars
    - German Kaffee Haus
    - German Caroling
    - Trip to Christmas Village 
    - Karneval celebration with the other language clubs
    - German Garten during Diversity Day
    - Trip to a local German Restaurant
    - Teach Lessons for Middle School students
    - Soccer and Floor Hockey Tournaments with other language clubs
    - and more!
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