French Club 2019-20


     French Flag

    The French Club exists to promote the French language and francophone cultures around the world. Members do not have to be students of French, just francophiles! Meetings are conducted in English, but some activities require varying degrees of fluency in the language. In these cases, more fluent members will be paired with less fluent members to facilitate success.

    New Members are always welcome!  See Mrs. Sharp in B-205 for more information.

    Mrs. Jennifer Sharp


    We will hold elections soon! Please contact Mme Sharp via email if you want to be considered for a position. Candidates must have been active members of French Club last year.


    Upcoming Meetings and activities:
    We will hold our first meetings of the year at 7:10 AM Tuesday, September 17th and 2:30-3PM Wednesday, September 18th.  We will vote on future meeting times on Friday, September 20th in French classes. Students not enrolled in French Class may vote via email.
    Check our Schoology Calendar to find out which weeks we will meet and to get information about upcoming events.

    National French Week happens every November!  Please see Mme Sharp or any officer with your ideas of how we can promote awareness of French contributions in American society.
    In the past we have held a trivia contest on Pulse each morning, had a French breakfast in the lower commons, performed a flash mob, had a rugby lesson/game on the football practice field and presented a lesson at the Middle School.