Forensics (Speech and Debate ... not CSI)

  • Thanks for checking out the Upper Merion Area High School Forensics (Speech and Debate) Team!

    First things first ... this isn't the kind of forensics in which we investigate crime scenes. Forensics is the term the philosopher Aristotle used in reference to rhetorical speaking -- that is, speaking to inform, persuade or entertain an audience. Speech and Debate gives students the opportunity to compete against other schools through debate, public speaking and dramatic or humorous interpretation of plays, stories or poetry. It is a program that allows students to develop research, argumentation, speechwriting, oratory and performance skills needed in the lawyers, educators, politicians and performers of the future!

    A typical season begins in late September and wraps up in February. Our practice agenda is flexible, and adapts to the competition styles of the members in attendance, but all practices begin with the Forensics Focus drills that are common to all styles of competition. A more detailed practice and tournament schedule will be posted on this site when it is available. Until then, spend some time checking out the Debate, Public Speaking and Interpretation pages on this site to see which event is right for you!

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