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    Cultural Heritage Club 


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    Meetings on Tuesdays after school in A132

    Official Meetings: September 26th, October 24th, November 28th,  January 9th, February 6th, March 5th, May 7th


     Culture Day Meeting  MLK, Jr Event Presentation Diversity Day Shirt Pot Luck Party Meeting Pot Luck Party Meeting



    Mrs. Gogarty




    The Cultural Heritage Club attracts students of all backgrounds interested in sharing, learning and teaching about their diversity.  We hold special culture days in which members prepare foods, activites and more from their areas of interest or family backgrounds; we fundraise around Halloween by collecting money for UNICEF; we set up various other fundraisers and volunteer opportunities for community and world needs; we celebrate cultural holidays with dancing, henna, pot luck food parties and more; and we plan and coordinate Diversity Day every other year so the whole school can share in our passion an entire day outside of the traditional classroom setting.  Diversity Day brings in speakers and presenters from our community and the world to interact with students, provide opportunities to sign up for various activities like henna tattooing, and finally to explore the building, which is transformed into an around-the-world experience from culture fairs, student-run restaurants, a coffee shop for student performances, and more.  


    We are always open to new members and even see some members who can only make it when they are not committed to sports during certain seasons.  Please feel free to check out our meetings after school on Tuesdays in A132, and bring a friend!