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    Upper Merion is a Community of Caring

    About The Program

    Community of Caring is a K-12, whole school, comprehensive character education program with a unique focus on disabilities. Community of Caring was founded in 1982 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver and has been adopted by almost 1,200 schools nationwide and in Canada. It is research-based and has a proven record of accomplishment. Community of Caring believes that the universally accepted ethical values of caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family are the foundation on which responsible decisions and behaviors are based. Community of Caring schools weave these values into every aspect of school life and the existing curriculum through a framework and components that include:

    • Staff Development/Ongoing Support
    • Values In and Across the Curriculum
    • Family and Community Involvement
    • Service Learning/Community Service
    • Student Leadership/Forums
    • Social Inclusion
    Community of Caring believes that creating caring relationships and a caring school community while teaching values across the curriculum is essential in creating safe and healthy learning environments in which all children can succeed and prosper academically and ethically, including students with disabilities.



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    Community of Caring Values

    Community of Caring is built around five core values that empower young people to be responsible and caring members of a community: Caring, Respect, Responsibility, Trust, and Family. They are universally accepted values that were identified as core to healthy human development through a ground-breaking, pioneering consensus process by a group of philosophers, educators, health specialists, legal professionals, ethicists, policy makers and psychologists. These five values serve as a foundation and umbrella for school activities and initiatives in Community of Caring schools. In Community of Caring schools caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family are taught and lived.

    "Values are the reasons we give for what we do, for how we live our lives. They are the ends which guide, or ought to guide, all the activities of a school."

    - William Sullivan, Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

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