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  • Mrs. Nymark

    Mrs. Nymark

    8th Grade Science Teacher
    Team Andor
    Upper Merion Area Middle School


    Apple Teacher

    Hi! Welcome back to school. I'm very excited to be with all of you this school year as we learn about the wonders of the World around us. 
    During your year in 8th grade science, we will be studying the Earth on which we live and the space in which we live. We will focus our studies through the lens of environmental issues and how to be sustainable citizens. We learn how to start, run, and manage a sustainable business through the use of an alternative faming method called Aquaponics. We will be making connections to all of the Branches of Science, as it's important to understand that each Branch cannot live independently of the others. There is currently much work being done in these areas and new findings are reported every week. The information we gather will not be outdated!

    As you already know, we are following an intensive schedule. It may seem long at times, but I try to provide several activities each day to keep things moving. You and I will be required to do a lot of work over the school year. I will provide time in class for much of it, but ultimately it is your responsibility to complete the assignments and submit them on time.

    I urge all students to seek assistance if they have questions or start to fall behind. I know our time is limited, but I encourage you to see me when they can. I have an “I NEED HELP” sign-up clipboard on my classroom wall. This is where the students can sign-up for extra help/extra work sessions during lunch or after school for the current week. Please note, Monday and Friday there will be no after school work sessions.  However, I will find the time in my schedule if you request it.

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me by calling or emailing (jnymark@umasd.org). I look forward to assisting you in learning about the wonders of our Universe.

    Professional Background:
    8/1996-6/2000 - 6th/7th Grade Science Teacher - Broward County, Florida
    8/2000-2/2006 - 9th-12th Grade Earth Space Science, Astronomy, and Meteorology Teacher - Pocono Mountain School District
    2/2006-11/2006 - Educational Trainer and Curriculum Consultant - Colonial IU #20
    - K-12 Instructional Supervisor for Science, Tech Ed, Health, PE, Computers - Upper Merion Area School District
    6/2011- Present - 8th Grade Science Teacher and MS Science Department Head - Upper Merion Area School District

    BS - Secondary Education with an Earth Science focus - Edinboro University of PA
    MS - Education with a Curriculum and Instruction focus - Wilkes University
    Supervisor of Curriculum and Instruction - Bloomsburg University
    Superintendent's Letter of Eligibility - Saint Joseph's University