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    Breakfast and Lunch Plans for Virtual and In-School Students-  January 25, 2021

    COVID has forced UMASD Food Services to make many changes.  Our goal is to serve tasty and nutritious meals while keeping students and staff safe whether Virtual or In-School. 

    To visit the Food Services Department page of the district website go to UMASD.org, then click on “Departments”, then click on “Food Services”, then click on “Food Service Information”.

    BREAKFAST AND LUNCH ARE FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS AGED 0-18 UNTIL JUNE 30, 2021-  be sure to take advantage of this!



    Meals for Virtual Students

    Beginning the week of February 3, 2021 Weekly Frozen Boxes are for Virtual students only.  If your student is going to be an In-School student you should have your student get lunch every day at school and ensure they bring home the weekly “Breakfast Bag” as outlined below.

    All Meals are FREE! No pre-ordering necessary!

    Wednesday, Feb 3, 2021- 1st Distribution of Frozen Weekly Boxes for students who are staying virtual.

    Please wear a mask, stay in your car and let us know how many children you are picking up for and we will put everything into your car for you.

    School distributing are:  Roberts Elementary School, Bridgeport Elementary School Back Circle and The Middle School Loading Dock.

    Yard signs will be posted at all locations directing cars where to go.

    Households are encouraged to obtain boxes from the school their student(s) goes to, however households may have students in multiple schools or students in other districts.  You can choose which pick-up location works best for you.  However, we do ask that you go to the same school every week so we can determine how many boxes each school should prepare every week.

    Each Box contains 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches and you will also get milk and fresh fruit as well. You will receive an instruction sheet every week with your food explaining how to store and prepare the items.

    We will not distribute if it is a snow day- we will do Thursday instead.


    Meals for In-School Students

    If your student is an In-School student you should not pick up any frozen meals.  You should have your student get lunch every day at school and ensure they bring home the weekly “Breakfast Bag” as outlined below.



    All Breakfast Bags are FREE! No pre-ordering necessary!

    Pease be sure your student has breakfast before they get to school each day for improved focus and learning retention! 

    There will be NO breakfast service in any of the buildings due to COVID restrictions.  “Breakfast Bags” containing 5 full breakfasts for the following week will be sent home every week with students (days will vary between the schools).  

    Bags will be sealed shut in a tamper-evident bag. 

    Elementary Schools- bags will be distributed and households can “Opt Out” by contacting the student’s teachers

    Middle and High Schools- bags will be distributed upon dismissal and students can “Opt Out” by saying “No, thank you”.

    These food items should be brought home and appropriate items refrigerated.  Instruction sheets will be included.



    All Lunches are FREE for all students!

    The lunch menus are posted on the Food Services page of the website. 

    We are serving a simplified menu due to COVID 19.  No “a la carte” items will be sold.  Our goal is to get students a delicious meal quickly and with as little movement and touching of food as possible. As situations change Food Service will change with them. 

    We will provide bagged lunches for Elementary Students on half-days.  Forms will be sent home beforehand and will need to be returned in advance to take advantage of this.

    We will provide Wednesday pick-up of lunches at the High School since school will not be in session.  This will need to be PRE-ORDERED by calling 610-205-3814 by 9:30 am on each Wedneday.  We need to know the name of the student and what lunch item they want to order- check out the "Wednesday HS Menu" on the Food Service page of the UMASD.org website.

    Please discuss lunch choices at all grade levels with your students so they know the meals being offered. This will especially help for the Middle and High Schools so students know what line to get in (there will be 3 lines corresponding with the 3 complete meals being offered).

    Cafeterias are set-up with Plexi-glass dividers and any other spaces that lunches will be eaten in will have students at least 6’ apart. There will be additional Custodial help to clean and disinfect between lunches.  There is hand sanitizer in many cafeteria locations as well as Purell hand wipes at all the Elementary Schools.



    Applying for the National School Lunch Program


    You do  not have to apply for the National School Lunch Program until next school year (2021-22)  because all students are FREE until June 30, 2021.  However,  you may do it if for some other reason you want to. 

    We are paperless with the Free & Reduced Lunch & Breakfast Program.  To fill out an application for the Free and Reduced Lunch and Breakfast Program please go to www.schoolcafe.com . You will have to set up a new account and then fill out the application.

    You can apply on your computer or your smartphone. If you apply on your smartphone you can apply, submit and track your application status right on your smartphone. If you apply on the computer you will get an email back from the office telling you your student(s) designation within a day or two. Food Service uses the primary email that you list on your Student Information Update for all communication about applications, balances, and anything else we need to contact you about.  PLEASE make sure the School District has your up-to-date email address at all times. If there is no email address associated with your household we will send you the letter in the US Mail.  

    The main office of your student’s school has English and Spanish applications for households without internet or smartphone access.  If you need an application in any other language please contact the Food Service office at 610-205-8814.

    Managing Your Student’s Breakfast and Lunch Money Can Also Be Done at www.schoolcafe.com

    No Money is needed for ANY household, for ANY children until  school year 2021-22.

    However, if you do want to you can set up an account on either your computer or on your smartphone. Note that there is no charge to set up the account. With this account, you can:

    • See what your student is eating and set any restrictions on a la carte items you may want (please note that you can not restrict access to full meals on the website and must call 610-205-8804 with questions about doing that)
    • Set up low balance alerts and automatic payments
    • Add money to student accounts- by credit or debit card - please note that there is a $1.95 transaction fee to add money to an account in this way, and that the transaction limit is $100.

    To avoid this fee and transaction limit you may send a check to us made out to “Upper Merion Food Service” at:  Upper Merion Food Service, Upper Merion Middle School, 450 Keebler Rd., King of Prussia, PA, 19406.

    Meal Pricing

    No meals will be charged until August/September 2021.


    Please Read on for Additional Important Food Service Information…

    The Food Service Department’s primary goal is to provide your child with healthy, attractive, and tasty meals which comply with all state and federal nutritional guidelines and regulations.

    Starting off the day with a good breakfast helps your child stay alert and focused in class which improves academic performance. Please remember that a complete breakfast is available at every school. 

    Monthly menus are posted on the district website and are also posted on each school’s web page and on Sapphire (for Middle and High Schools).

    The UMASD Food Service Department is here to serve the students, so please feel free to contact me anytime with compliments, concerns, questions, or suggestions at 610-205-8804 or pbartlett@umasd.org.

    Have a great 2020-21 school year! 

    Penny Bartlett, M.S.,R.D., L.D.,  Food Service Supervisor

    This institution is an equal opportunity provider.