Welcome to the
    5th Grade Explorers Team


    Welcome ! Today is Saturday, June 25, 2022
    Melissa Cosgriff
    Upper Merion Middle School
    5th Grade
    Math Teacher
    Explorers Team
    Room # C126
    Phone: 610-205-8903
    OPEN HOUSE VIDEO:  Click Here


    First, I would like to welcome you to my web page on the Upper Merion Area School District website.  My name is Mrs. Cosgriff and I teach math on the Explorers Team in 5th grade.
    As we start off the school year this will be my fourteenth year with Upper Merion, but I will be entering my seventeenth year of teaching.   A Saint Joseph's University graduate in 2002, I received my bachelors degree in Marketing and began working in the business world.  After realizing that I wanted to pursue my interest in teaching, I went back to Saint Joseph's and obtained my Master's Degree in Education.  I then continued at Saint Joseph's and earned my Educational Leadership Certifcate.   In my free time, I like to spend time with my husband and my three sons (Kian, Kason, & Davin), relax with my cat (Buster),  my two dogs (Hawk and Rauder), my bunny (Foo Foo), and my chinchilla (Vanilla). I also have frogs, fish, and hermit crabs!  Besides hanging with my family, I enjoy anything outside with my kids (fishing/camping/sports) and of course eating :)


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