Welcome to Kindergarten


    My name is Mary Amtsberg and I would like to welcome you to my kinder corner,a little spot nestled in the hallways of Caley Elementary School, where learning and fun go hand in hand. The 2023-2024 school year will hold many new and exciting things aswe begin our journey together, teaching each other so many different things this year. 


    It is hard to believe that I am beginning my 27th year at Caley Elementary. I am very lucky to work with such an amazing and talented staff.  
    It seems like just yesterday I was working with my first class that graduated in 2012. I am so proud of all of the graduates that have spent time with me, they will always be "my kids". Every child that spends time in my class becomes one of "my kids". So your child will be come one of "my kids" this year. I always say "Once a kinder Kid, Always a kinder kid." 


    I grew up in Frederick, Maryland, which is between Baltimore and Washington. I graduated from Walkersville High School and earned my Associates Degree from Frederick Community College.


    I earned my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Early Childhood at Salisbury State University on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. While at Salisbury, I was the sports editor of the campus newspaper. I received my master's degree in special education from Western Maryland College. 


    I began my teaching career at South Frederick Elementary School, in Maryland, where I taught first grade, for two years, before moving to Pennsylvania.


    A few other interesting facts about me:
    My husband, Michael and I will celebrate our 28th wedding anniversary in February.
    We have two wonderful children, Benjamin and Sarah. Our son, Ben, is a photographer for the Lacrosse Network and other lacrosse events up and down the East coast. Our daughter, Sarah, is attending East Stroudsburg University this fall and will be majoring in communications with a concentration in web design\digital media. 
    You will probably hear many stories about Ben and Sarah. I often refer to Ben and Sarah when I teach. (The kimder kids enjoy stories about them.)
    We have one dog. His name is Gunnar, he is a Dudley Lab. We rescued him from Georgia.
    In 2014, I was admitted to the Daughters of the American Revolution  My ancestor, Nicholas Isaac Grindstaff fought for our freedom in the Southern campaign of the War.
    I am a Washington Commanders fan but the NFC has thrown me for a loop the past few years. This Commanders fan has to root for Dallas. Yep, I said Dallas on any day they DON'T play the Commanders and even then it is tough. My friend Dan Quinn runs the defense for the Cowboys. 
    I also love my Baltimore Orioles and Washington Capitals and Wizards.
    I love classic Winnie the Pooh, I love all of the characters, but Eeyore is my favorite.
    I don't like chocolate and I don't like any kind of soda, nor do I like coffee or tea.... I drink lots of water. =0) Some would say, I am "kinda" picky when it comes to what I eat and drink. 
    In my free time, I enjoy walking\hiking at Monocacy Hill and hiking in general,genealogy,spending time with friends and family and going home to Maryland. 


    Ben and Sarah

    Click here to see more pictures of my family and me!



Last Modified on August 27, 2023