• About Me

    All kids can learn
    Name: Laura Donegan
    School:Roberts Elementary School
    Room No.:123
    Position:Learning Support Teacher

    Email: ldonegan@umasd.org

    Phone: 610-205-3750

    I have been a teacher at Roberts since 1999, working with students in grades K-4 with unique learning needs.  Assisting me is my instructional assistant, Mrs. Adriane Cirelli.  Together we work to provide students with success in a smaller, more individualized environment, while promoting and supporting inclusion in the regular education setting as much as possible. Some students in our class have individualized  education plans (IEP's) that provide them with accommodations and modifications to the grade level curriculum.   Others are receiving reading support during their EXCEL times. Therapies, and additional services are available as necessary and outlined in the student's IEP. We are looking forward to a great year filled with growth, learning and fun.
Last Modified on April 14, 2020