• L.I.F.E. Program
     -L.I.F.E. Program- Learning in a Functional Environment (L.I.F.E.) is a newly developed program offered at Upper Merion Area Middle School. L.I.F.E is a comprehensive program that integrates job skills, daily living skills, academics, and social skills into daily instruction. 
    -Academics- Students will receive instruction in Language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies on a daily basis. Special Education teachers will teach language Arts, Math, and Science/Social Studies, where modification to the curriculum will be made to meet student needs. Inclusion opportunities will be offered, at a minimum, of 2 days per cycle for 45 minutes in Science/Social Studies class.   Further opportunities for inclusion will be explored throughout the school year.
    -Daily Living Skills- Students will receive instruction in daily living skills on a daily basis. Students will develop the following daily living skills- food preparation, laundry, gardening, etc…
    -Job Skills- Through the newly developed ‘Coffee-to-You’ business, students will learn various job skills that will be useful and valuable when they transition to employment. Under adult supervision, students will develop the following job skills- controlling/maintaining an inventory and budget, food preparation, delivery of food products, etc…
    -Social Skills- Students will receive instruction in Social Skills on a daily basis. Based on student need, various researched based programs will be used to reinforce and strengthen student communication and social skills. 
Last Modified on May 30, 2020