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    Joe Schuberth
    Bridgeport Elementary School
    Room #208
    2nd Grade Teacher


    (610) 205-3600 


    Hello and welcome to my website! On this website you will be able to access some of the policies and procedures that are carried out in my classroom. In addition, you will have the  opportunity to connect to some links that might be helpful in understanding some of the characteristics of your son or daughter and maybe some helpful hints on how to best prepare them for school. There is also a calendar which lists some of the important school or classroom activities. Finally, you will be able to find information concerning long term projects which are due in your child's homeroom classroom.  Before you look into those aspects of my web page let me tell you a little about myself.

    I was born and raised in Middletown, Connecticut. I have two wonderful parents and two great big brothers. My brothers and I grew up playing two sports; basketball and baseball. I played both sports in high school and then went on to play baseball at Central Connecticut State University. How did I end up in Pennsylvania you ask?

    Three years after graduating I met a beautiful young woman from Pennsylvania who would become my wife. We have 3 wonderful children

    I have been teaching at Bridgeport for the last 17 years. Now that you know a little about me let's have a look at my website!

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