• July 7, 2020

    Dear Parents/Guardians,

    Kindly read this letter in its entirety. 

    UMASD Information on Reopening

    Please see information with regard to the District’s reopening plans. Please note that all plans are tentative as we are following CDC and Pennsylvania state guidelines which are subject to change. At this time, please read our current plans then click on the survey link at the bottom. If Montgomery County is in the red or yellow phase, the UMASD Virtual Learning Program will be our mode of teaching and learning. If Montgomery County is in the green phase, students will have in-person teaching and learning with the option of virtual learning.

    In-Person Instruction:

    • Schools will be open on a regular schedule for all students.
    • Outdoor and other large spaces will be optimized for use during the school day.
    • Classroom configurations will be altered to maintain at least three (3) feet distance between students with all desks facing forward.  All students and staff will be required to wear masks while in school unless: the students are eating or drinking while spaced at least six (6) feet apart, seated at desks at least six (6) feet apart and while they are engaged in any activity while at least six (6) feet apart.  During ALL other times of the day, students and staff must wear masks as per the Governor’s order of July 1, 2020.
    • All cafeteria spaces will be rearranged to assure that all students face the same direction while eating and when not possible to fit all students into the respective cafeterias, alternate places for eating will be provided.
    • Education about washing hands will be communicated on a regular basis and posted throughout the District. Time for frequent hand-washing and sanitizing will be built into the school day.
    • CDC approved sanitizing products and equipment will be used to strengthen hygiene practices throughout the school day. Disinfection and cleaning common areas will occur on a daily basis.
    • School buses will operate with two students per seat and all students will be required to wear face masks.
    • Non-essential visitors will NOT be permitted to enter the school buildings. Essential visitors will be limited and subject to a health screening questionnaire completed before entering the building.
    • We will require self monitoring (e.g., temperature and symptom screening) and checks for history of exposure.  This self monitoring will be completed at home by parents/caregivers and staff members before use of school transportation and arriving at school.
    • The school will monitor health when students and staff are present in the building only when symptoms are present and/or suspected.  The school district will also monitor absenteeism to identify trends for students and staff alike.  We will also encourage parents to keep sick children home and encourage staff to stay home if they are sick.

    Upper Merion Area School District Virtual Learning Program: UMASD will be offering a Virtual Academy for those children who will not be able to attend school in 2020-2021, due their own health concerns or those of their families. This no-cost option for virtual learning will use resources from outside vendors such as the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit Virtual Academy. Please note that our virtual learning program will not be as it was during the first three months of school closure. Our staff  is trained in virtual learning and we have developed a robust and comprehensive virtual experience for your child(ren.) In addition, this program will be available in the event of a short-term and/or long-term closure.

    • Students will have access to their District iPad/Laptop as well as appropriate materials and resources.
    • District teachers will be assigned to teach virtually with the exception of MCIU Virtual and other vendor courses.
    • Teaching and learning will be a combination of synchronous (live, at the same time) and asynchronous (recorded, viewed at any time) through the Schoology platform.
    • Students will follow a set schedule as with the in-person schedules. Our expectation is that the students will be engaged during their respective school level hours.
    • Virtual learning curriculum will mirror our in-person curriculum. Curriculum tailored to meet UMASD requirements and PA Core Standards.
    • Students will need the assistance of a parent or guardian (Learning Coach) to navigate their schedule and support for their learning. There will be continued support from school counselors and administrators.
    • Enrolled students would be expected to stay in the virtual program for a semester.

    Survey Link: https://forms.gle/Rsk8e4gxquMKFGnm8 (click on link or copy & paste to a browser)

    In the event that our county is in “green” and schools will reopen, please indicate your preference at this point in time. One response per household. Another survey will be distributed on August 3rd to finalize your decision so the District may complete the safety and learning plans.

    From: UMASD Administration Team