Ms. Philippe
  • Ashia Philippe is a 17 year veteran educator. Ms. Philippe spent most of her career molding the minds of young learners in the elementary classroom. She uses her passion for teaching and learning to facilitate change and advocate for equity and inclusion in the school setting. Ms. Philippe has led DEI training and professional development for educators. She enjoys creating and implementing activities for students to bring awareness centered around culture and belonging. Additionally, Ms. Philippe has been a presenter for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion conferences. Ms. Philippe presented at the "Capital Area Intermediate Unit Social Justice Conference Series" and at the "Pennsylvania Educator Diversity Consortium 4th Annual Virtual Summit".

    Ms. Philippe is especially passionate about being a change agent for students and staff in the BIPOC community, students that are underrepresented or misrepresented, and supporting affinity groups. Her relatable personality allows her to make close connections with people of various walks of life. She has a knack for including people and giving them a sense of belonging.

    Ms. Philippe considers herself a life-long learner. She holds two certificates of completion in DEI courses. She has studied diversity, equity, and cultural competence in the classroom, and has received training on racial equity in education. Her goal is to provide educators at all levels with the tools they need to be culturally inclusive, responsive, and relevant; so that all students receive an equitable education to ensure their success.