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     Lauren Washington-Alleyne

    HS Certified School Nurse


    (610) 205-3836

     Janet Kruhm

    HS Health Suite Medical Clerk


    (610) 205-3871 

    Health Services

    A full-time Certified School Nurse oversees all aspects of the School Health Services Program.  Parents and students are encouraged to contact the School Nurse to discuss individual student medical status, medications, and/or special procedures.  Call 610-205-3871 to discuss any medical concerns.

     Illness or injury during school hours:   Student illness or injury incurred during the school day will be treated in accordance with guidelines approved by school district physicians.  Any further medical care, including ambulance transportation, will be the parent's responsibility. The school encourages students to participate in the student accident insurance program, which is available at modest cost.  If it is necessary for a student to leave school because of illness or injury, the School Nurse will contact a parent or emergency alternate to arrange appropriate transportation.  Students will be charged with a full day or half day of excused absence depending on the hour at which they leave school.

    Medications:   A physician's order must be on file for medication of any type to be administered to a student.  For prescription medications, a physician's order must be on file.  The prescription medication must be delivered to the School Nurse in a pharmacy container with the directions for dispensing printed on it.  No medications will be accepted in envelopes or "baggies".  Parents are encouraged to arrange medication schedules outside the school day whenever possible.  Students are not permitted to carry medications for self-administration.  Students who do not register daily medications with the School Nurse will be subject to disciplinary action.