• The Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Huddle is an UMAMS student led activity open to all
    Middle School students, both athletes and non-athletes. Individuals with, or without, any
    faith are welcome to attend. The Huddle meets every Friday before school in the wrestling gym
    from 7:00 to 7:50 a.m. Students may come during that time period upon arrival at school.
    Student leaders direct students in playing games, reading/discussing Bible life scriptures, and
    praying together. Occasional guest speakers, in-person or on video, share their life experiences
    inside and outside athletics. Refreshments are also available at the Huddles.
    Additionally, the Huddle engages in community service projects to support the people at
    Saint John’s Soup Kitchen in Norristown, the people in Ukraine, and the children in Children’s
    Hospital of Philadelphia. These service projects are open to entire school participation.

    For more information, students and parents/guardians can contact:
    Mr. Munro, FCA Huddle Coach, at (610) 764-9214 or coastao22@gmail.com
    Mr. Bueche, at tbueche@umasd.org
    Mrs. Feliciano, at jfeliciano@umasd.org
    Mrs. Fugelo, at kfugelo@umasd.org
    Mr. Scales, at ascales@umasd.org
    Ms. Seymour, at fseymour@umasd.org