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    The pages in this section will provide you with information about safety protocols and procedures for our middle school children for in-person learning.  Use the menu to the left on a desktop device.

    UMAMS Converged Learning Procedures and Protocols

    UMAMS Converged Learning Procedures and Protocols

    Spanish MS Guide to Converged Learning

    UMAMS Procedimientos y protocolos de aprendizaje convergente

    If a member of your household is sick and awaiting a COVID-19 test result,
    please keep your child home and consult with your school nurse on guidance related to testing and quarantine.  

    December 2020

    We hope this document finds you and your family well! The purpose of this “Converged Learning Procedures and Protocols” document is to help guide our middle school students and parents with safe and practical routines for In-Person learning. Routines have long been an important part of effective learning in the middle school. By establishing and maintaining these new routines, we can help to ensure that students and staff remain safe and engaged, while learning on-campus.   Please know that we truly appreciate the teams of staff members who worked diligently to assemble what we believe will be a safe and successful remaining school year for all of the students we serve.