•  Attendance

    Attendance Information:

    We account for your children's attendance each day.  If your child is going to be absent, arriving late or dismissing early please send an email to:

    • Absent notes must be signed by a parent.  A typed email stating the absence will NO longer be accepted as an absent note!  A note may be scanned and emailed or sent in with your student upon their return.   
    • Absent notes are due three (3) days from your child's return to school; after three (3) days, the absence will become unlawful.
    • A doctor’s note is required for every absence after the 15th absence.
    • Trips Forms are required before you leave for your trip.  Absent notes are not accepted for vacations, when traveling or for day trips, please submit the trip form.  

    *Download the Forms below*

    Absence Note
    Use this note for any absence from school.

    Alternate Dismissal Form
    Use this form to notify us of any change to regular dismissal.

    Early Dismissal & Tardy Form
    Use this form to request an early dismissal or excuse a late arrival for appointments, etc.

    Educational Trip Form
    Use this request form for any planned absence.